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The Fathead will run straight. I recommend using braided line when ever possible. Sometimes when you are making a long cast the braided line helps with hook sets. Fish the Fathead just like a top water frog, but unlike the frog you can let the Fathead fall when you reach the weed line. Put a Paca Craw or a Speed Craw behind the Fathead and keep your rod tip up with a medium to fast retrieve and you have a buzz bait. The bigger profile and big hook allows many different presentations. What ever you decide to put behind the Fathead or my stock swim jig, always make sure the trailer is on straight. This helps keep the jig from lying on its side. Also, when running a Fat Albert single tail grub behind the jig in heavy vegetation, I put the tail down. This helps keep the nose of the jig up so your knot doesn't catch the weeds.
Yank'em Jigs Fathead is the swim jig of choice for many tournament anglers. Check out our testimonials.
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The Fathead swim jig is our premier swim jig. What we have succeeded in developing is a bigger profile swim jig which allows us to use a 6/0 Gamakatsu hook, but keeping the weight of the Fathead at 1/4oz. The bigger profile allows the Fathead to stay on top of the slop better and also allows you to run bigger trailers behind it. Best of all, you have a 6/0 Gamakatsu hook so you can get your fish to the boat. Anglers have used everything from the 5" super mag grub, Horny toads, Paca craws, Speed craws, etc. behind the Fathead.
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1/4 oz. Regular Swim Jig
1/4 oz. Fathead Swim Jig
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